Ership contracts KVH AgilePlans

The shipping company Ership contracts with Aeromarine the KVH AgilePlans satellite communications solution.


Ership has relied on Aeromarine as a maintenance management company, through the Software Division of Aeromarine.


Finally, Ership has selected Aeromarine as a provider of satellite communications, signing a contract through the AgilePlans solution of KVH that Aeromarine sells in Spain as a Sole Partner for the Commercial, Military and Government markets.


The decision was made in May 2018, after several conversations and meetings, in which Aeromarine, after making an analysis of the use of communications on board, undoubtedly proposed to Ership the solution of KVH AgilePlans with the new mini-VSAT system TracPhone V7HTS .


KVH launched in December 2017 the new satellite communications system mini-VSAT TracPhone V7HTS, which allows a speed of up to 10 Mbps / 3 Mbps. In addition it has two (2) separate data channels in the control unit, which allows greater versatility in bridge operations.


With the KVH AgilePlans solution, Ership does not have to make any hardware investment on board, as this new solution includes the system as part of the different services offered in an all-inclusive monthly fee.


In this sense, Ership was clear from the beginning, and after checking several options with different suppliers of the market, that the ideal solution was KVH AgilePlans with the TracPhone V7HTS system, since there is no comparison with the rest of the maritime market solutions for voice / satellite data communications.




Thanks to this new KVH solution, Ership will be able to save communication costs, since AgilePlans is the most flexible solution in the maritime market and the one that provides the most services, including the system as part of the service.

The services included in the monthly fee of the KVH AgilePlans solution, which Ership will enjoy from now on, are the following:

  • Sistema: KVH mini-VSAT TracPhone V7HTS.
  • High Speed Data Channel: 10 Mbps / 3 Mbps (up to 500MB).
  • Unlimited Data Channel: 128 Kbps / 64 Kbps.
  • VoIP phone calls: user-specified phone line.
  • On Board Entertainment over ICM (Integrated Control Modem): NEWSlink PRINT, NEWSlink TV, TRAININGlink.
  • myKVH Portal: access to KVH portal for vessel monitoring, data traffic consumption for high speed channel. service and web protocols control and status of the system. All in real time.