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Quality – Environment – Information Security Policy


Aeromarine owes its existence to its Customers and is therefore committed to satisfying their requirements for Navigation, Communications, and I.T. Solutions. Given the level of competition our sector faces, Aeromarine’s Policy for gaining customers and maximizing their satisfaction and loyalty, is described by the following points:

  • To offer solutions of the highest possible quality, in terms of:
    • Brands represented and Equipment offered.
    • Sales service.
    • Agile communication.
    • Technical Support.
    • Added Value to the customer of the proposed solutions.
  • To develop its operations and procedures as effectively as possible, in order to attend the customers satisfactorily.
  • To comply with the legal requirements and with those voluntarily assumed, in relation to the quality of the services and to the environmental aspects and security of the information arising from the Company’s activity.
  • To identify Risks and Opportunities and implement the appropriate measures to treat them correctly, in order to prevent or reduce any non-desirable effects, to achieve the foreseen results, and to achieve a continual improvement of the quality of our services and our environmental performance.
  • To commit to the environment, contributing actively to its protection against possible impacts caused by its activities, products and services, with special attention placed on prevention:
    • Minimizing the production of waste, by applying reduction measures, reusing and recycling methods.
    • Managing efficiently those materials which may cause critical impact on the environment.
    • Making a reasonable use of resources (water, energy, oil…).
  • To commit to the Security of Information of the Company, implementing the necessary Processes and Checks to ensure the correct Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the Information.
  • To measure the afore-mentioned points and the key processes applied, as well as to identify possible failures and opportunities for improvement, with the corresponding analysis of results and determination of corrective actions, in order to achieve better results.

This Aeromarine Policy will be the reference for the definition of objectives. It will be permanently communicated to all the organization levels of the company and will be available for all interested parties.

All clauses of the Aeromarine Quality, Environmental and Information Security Management Systems are of obliged compliance in the whole company. The commitment of all employees, as well as management, towards these clauses is of great importance. These Management Systems are developed according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 27001:2013.

Mr. Enrique Mora Calderón