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Aeromarine installs three NAVIGAT 2200 FOG´s successfully

Installation performed on board tuna-fishing vessels, includes Sperry Marine’s new CompassNet system, allowing the existing MK37 gyrocompasses to be integrated for heading data comparison and distribution.


Last December, Aeromarine supplied and installed three NAVIGAT 2200 fibre optic gyrocompasses on board tuna-fishing vessels, which were still using Sperry Marine’s old but highly reliable MK37, installed more than a decade ago in such vessels.


Given the tested reliability of Sperry Marine products, the antiquity of the MK37 gyros on board and the possibility of a failure due to this extended use, the customer decided to take proactive action and carry out the installation of an additional NAVIGAT 2200 FOG per vessel, creating a dual gyrocompass system.


Thanks to Sperry Marine's new CompassNet system, any heading source, such as gyro (no matter the brand), a satellite compass or a magnetic compass, can be connected to the system, monitoring all heading sources, distributing data output to the connected systems and indicating alarms in case of failure or a specific heading difference between the heading sources. In this specific project, both the existing MK37 and satellite compass have been integrated, together with the new NAVIGAT 2200 maintenance-free FOG into CompassNet. All heading data is now monitored on NAVITWIN V – CompassNet system control and display unit, from which you can select the heading source in use, monitor heading differences between heading sources, visualize any error or failure in the system, among others.


With this configuration, all three vessels have now the certainty that they have a highly accurate system, free of maintenance and with excellent reliability and redundancy.